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7 Best Fly Reels for Salmon Fishing – Buyers’ choice in 2022

One of the most thrilling fishing experiences is to retrieve a king salmon. At the same time, a specially designed salmon fly reel can make a big difference and makes your experience even more enduring and worth spending your savings on it.

Here we have gathered all the right and most effective fly reels for salmon fishing used in 2022, along with a comprehensive buying guide to help you shop for the right product for adventurous salmon fishing.

7 Best Salmon Fly Reels Worth Buying

Buyer reviews, our extensive market hunt, and anglers’ testing experience help us to gather and filter loads of products to bring to you the seven best Salmon fly reels which can guarantee you the mighty fish in your fish bucket load. Go through each and pick your product among the best fly reels for salmon fishing.


Redington Grande 7/8/9

REDINGTON GRANDE is easily the most chosen fly reel when comes to catching a salmon. This gear comes with a CNC machined which is anodized with an aluminium frame and is strong and resilient in all its aspects.

The key feature of the Grande series is the SUPER TORQUE drag system which is powerful enough to get any big fish out of the water. An extra aspect of the drag system is its carbon plating and sealed mechanism so you don’t need to maintain it next time you go fishing.

Redington Grande comes in a variety of colours champagne, black, and marine with lustrous finishing.

Its V-style spool increases its backing capacity and minimizes backing bounce when retrieving a salmon. Seawater or muddy water confident anglers can retrieve big fishes with an easy-to-locate knob and oversized palming rim. The design also includes an optimized reel foot so that the rod or line does not twist. you can also convert left to right hand retrieve conveniently.

all the specs and benefits make Redington a good purchase if you can handle heavy-weight reels and have a reasonable budget.

Product Specs

  • CNC machined
  • Carbon plated, sealed drag system
  • Oversized palming rim
  • Aluminium anodized frame
  • V spool design
  • Reel foot for optimum balance
  • Lifetime warranty
  • enhanced capacity
  • zero maintenance- completely sealed
  • optimized reel foot prevents rod twisting, balancing
  • powerful drag in a challenging landscape.
  • Minimized backing bounce- smooth retrieve.
  • Heavyweight
  • Pricey for amateur anglers

Bottom line: Redington Grande 8/9/10 is a good investment with each dollar worth the benefit and experience. If you want the best combination of price, quality, and features, then you can order from here.

Waterworks-Lamson Guru S Series Fly Reel – New 2020

Waterworks-Lamson Guru S Series Fly Reel

If fishing salmon is something you enjoy once in a blue moon, then

Waterworks-Lamson Guru S Series Fly Reel is a thing to add to your fishing gadgets. A lightweight and American machined stainless steel body is the best salmon fly reel for the money you should consider buying.

Its large arbor gives enough backing and speedy retrieve to catch a big bony fish like salmon. The conical drag system is there to reduce the weight without compromising the drag quality of Lampson reels.

Product Specs

  • The USA machined
  • Sealed, Conical drag system
  • Large arbor
  • Anodized Aluminum and stainless steel body and handle
  • Click-drag silent retrieve
  • Smooth retrieval due to large arbor
  • Steel body corrosive resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth, power pact drag
  • Easy to switch land to right hand retrieve.
  • Factory reset for left hand retrieve
  • Lack of functions for veteran anglers

Bottom line: if your hand is adjusted to a lightweight reel and you also want a good fly reel for the money, then we recommend the Lamson waterwork guru series.

Nautilus CCF-X2 flyreel 8/10

Nautilus is greatly known for its quality and this model of a fly reel is a true example of it. Nautilus CCX F2 8/10 can easily handle a salmon or tarpon with double the drag power and half startup inertia compared to other nautilus products.

The new design with grooves helps the line be dried up easily while the GIGA arbor design increases the line picked. a superior line management feature is also included for smooth wrangling of the target. The resistant and non-corrosive body is equipped with a large arbor to provide a high retrieval rate and enhanced backing.

Product Specs

  • CNC machined
  • Disk braking system
  • Giga arbor design
  • Ceramic body
  • double drag power
  • half startup inertia
  • increased linebacking
  • lightweight
  • line management
  • The high-End product price point
  • only for avid anglers

bottom line: if you face a problem with the drag system in your fly fishing experience then nautilus is there to rescue you.

Sage Fly Fishing – SPECTRUM LT Fly Reel

spectrum LT fly reels are the top-ranking reels among all the SAGE fly reels. Its performance is similar to all the other LT fly reels except the extra weight is minimized. The large arbor provides a good retrieval rate which is ideal for hunting salmon fishes in the water.

This model is specially designed to enhance its durability while for which a high-grade 6061-T6 aluminium frame is used to make it rigid yet lightweight. The fully

sealed carbon fibre drag system provides added strength and prevents dirt grit or any particle from entering the reel. one revolution drag knob provides the smooth and quick drag to help position the line wherever the angler wishes.

Product Specs

  • CNC machined
  • large arbor
  • high grade 6061-T6 aluminium lightweight frame
  • ergonomic handle, anodized
  • one revolution drag knob
  • fully sealed carbon mechanism
  • enhanced capacity
  • high retrieval rate
  • ultra-lightweight
  • anodized, resistant to corrosion
  • low startup inertia
  • smooth and quick drag
  • Pricey for amateur anglers
  • non-enough drag to catch

bottom line: if you want a cost-effective investment in your fly reel then sage fly reel spectrum LT SERIES is the one for you.

Redington BEHEMOTH Fly Reel

If you want a Redington fly reel but in Grande is not in your budget, then you can consider behemoth. The unique diecast construction and carbon fiber drag make this a “premium quality” product.

V spool design gives increased backing capacity to help capture a big salmon with ease. The carbon fibre gives reliable performance in dragging and minimizing tension. The large arbor reduces the memory line that most anglers desire in their fishing experience.

Plus! It comes with a nylon reel case

Product Specs

  • Diecast construction
  • Carbon fibre drag system
  • Large drag knob
  • V spool
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to adjust from left to right hand
  • Increased backing capacity
  • Reduce line memory and large arbor
  • Adjustable oversized drag
  • Suitable for novice anglers
  • Pricy for inexperienced anglers

Bottom line: if you are a novice angler and want a Redington without spending a fortune then you can give this product a shot.

Ross Evolution R Salt Fly Reel

R salt fly reel is specially designed by the brand for harsh seawater and the harsher bony fishes in the ocean. The ultimate high-end product is designed to keep the strength and resistance of a salmon fish during a catch and retrieve. The

ultra-lightweight fly reel is built on aluminium alloy and is the USA machined with a carbon fibre sealed drag system which is powerful enough to drag any tough opponent from the sea.

a large frame makes it easy to make adjustments in the reel while at the moment of war with the bony opponent. The R salt fly reel is shaped to reduce mass while maintaining a smooth and vibration-free drag as per the anglers’ experience.

The interior, handle and knob is made of stainless steel to endure the harsh climate at the sea. the luxurious product retailed at $750- $1300 and is available in platinum and black coloured finish.

Product Spec

  • The USA machined aluminium anodized
  • Carbon fibre sealed drag system
  • Stainless steel bearing, internals, and handle
  • Large arbor and knob
  • Lightweight
  • lightweight
  • 16 discs sealed drag system
  • vibration-free performance
  • easily adjustable from left to right hand retrieve
  • cost-ineffective

bottom line: if a smooth experience of salmon fly-fishing matters more than your money then Ross Evolution R salt is the best salmon fly reel on the market.

HARDY Cascapedia

The old classic hardy Cascapedia is the picture-perfect and precise equipment for any veteran angler. This can catch any aggressive Atlantic salmon. The highlights feature the classic click mechanism with a carbon disk drag system which provides a non-jerky smooth drag with a big fish at the hook.

to increase durability at the sea, this model is designed with aluminium bar stock and platinum click system and hand polished to prevent corrosion. The S-shaped handle gives the anglers a veteran feel with enhanced capacity in backing.

Product Specs

  • CNC machined and hand polished
  • Classic Click check ratchet sound
  • The platinum click drag system
  • Carbon disk drag system
  • Aluminium bar stock
  • enhanced capacity on reel
  • powerful and smooth drag for anglers
  • S-shaped handle
  • durable and resistant
  • carbon brake disk
  • the platinum-plated click drag system
  • cost-ineffective for novice anglers
  • only suitable for veteran anglers

Bottom line: if you are a veteran angler then Cascapedia is the best gift you can buy for yourself, so do not wait.

Buying Guide for Salmon Fishing Fly Reel

Salmon fishing is an adventurous sport nowadays and when it comes to its gadgets it is always hefty in the pockets. Therefore to ensure you invest in buying the product that matches your exact need we have done avid research and several comprehensive testing on products.

This buying guide includes all the functions and features that you need to tick off while buying your next or the first-ever salmon fly reel.

We ensure you invest your money right, therefore you will find all the critical factors that a flying reel should have when’s about to catch a king salmon.

Mandatory Features to Catch a Salmon

Buying a Best Salmon Fly Reel is all about finding one that fits your budget, and matches your style. In terms of price point, you can expect to spend anywhere from $50-$400+. It’s worth noting that how much you plan on spending is highly dependent on how serious you are about angling.

If you are just looking to experiment with recreational salmon fly fishing, then an inexpensive reel will do just fine. However, if you are interested in pursuing competitive or professional salmon fly fishing as a career or hobby, it is recommended that you invest in something more expensive.

When it comes to choosing what type of reel to purchase, there are two primary types: open-face and closed-face reels. Both have their pros and cons; however, closed-face reels tend to be more popular because they offer higher resistance against corrosion than open-face models. Additionally, some manufacturers claim that closed-face models allow for smoother line retrieval than open-face ones; however, there isn’t any scientific evidence supporting these claims yet.

Type of reel

What type of reel should you choose? Spinning, bait-casting, or fixed spool? The options seem endless when it comes to choosing a reel. Here are three types of salmon-reel set-ups and why they’re each perfect for different kinds of anglers. Pick one that matches your style and hit ’em where they ain’t! : What type of reel should you choose? Spinning, bait-casting, or fixed spool? The options seem endless when it comes to choosing a reel.


The best salmon fly reels are crafted out of high-quality materials, including machined brass and stainless steel. The material used should be durable and resistant to corrosion, which is important when you consider how often this reel will come into contact with salt water. Don’t forget that a lightweight reel will also be easier on your arm during long days of casting. Most salmon fly reels weigh between one and two pounds.

Casting Distance

There are a few key features of a casting reel that will determine how far you can cast. The first is how much line capacity it has, which is usually measured in yards. A 30-yard capacity, for example, means you’ll be able to cast up to 30 yards with one turn of your reel handle.

Handle and Drag system

The handle and drag system is a critical component of any good fly reel. While it’s not all that important in terms of strength or reliability, it does have a big impact on how easily you can cast with a reel. The reason is that if you can’t maintain proper line tension, you’ll be forced to make long casts just so you don’t lose casting momentum. This won’t make for accurate casts, but will certainly help minimize backlash.

Number of Bearings

The number of bearings a reel has is an important consideration when looking at what are considered some of the best salmon fly reels. In general, two-bearing and three-bearing reels are going to be more expensive than single-bearing models. Single bearing reels may not sound like they can handle heavy loads, but in reality, they can if used properly.

Capacity or Weight Rating

If you’re planning on catching fish that are over a certain size, make sure you get a reel with a high capacity or weight rating. If there is no listed weight rating on any of the reels you’re considering, then look at each model individually to see how many pounds of pressure it can withstand. Remember, some manufacturers list only maximum pressure ratings—not minimum—so double-check yours before you buy.


Whether you’re looking for a light, durable reel or something more heavy-duty, there are tons of great choices from a variety of companies. Start by figuring out how much you want to spend and what kind of space you have available (how big/small do you need it?), then pick out a couple of pieces from different brands and models that fit those descriptions.

If you have decided to hunt salmon fish on your fly fishing trip then there are some features your fly reel must have to not disappoint you in the salt waters.

Enhanced backing limit

While fly fishing if you, fortunately, get a salmon on the hook you should have a good backing capacity otherwise the big bony fish can easily downstream the angler with their average backing. A minimum of 200 m is required to land a large salmon in your bucket.


Although fly fishing requires a lightweight reel for effective fishing and smooth retrieval, in the case of salmon fishing a salmon there is an exception. Salmon fishing requires a powerful drag system and large arbor to maximize retrieval and increased backing space too. All such features can only make a fly reel heavy.

Heavyweight fly reels are best suited if you want to pull a king salmon or any big bony fish because the lighter ones can not withstand the tension and lack enough backing to keep the salmon on the hook with a smooth retrieval.


Salmon fly reels are usually expensive. One thing to ensure is we got the warranty and durable built to last a long time and make our purchase a good investment.

For salmon fishing, it is ideal to buy a machined cast and anodized to bear the toughness of the sea weather without getting scraped or worn off.

Reel with cast designs is mostly discouraged by professional anglers if you wish to retrieve a river salmon/king salmon or any big bony fish such as steelhead trout or Mackerel.


In fly fishing, it is highly important to have your rod and reel set up at equilibrium. If the rod is too light (let’s suppose; 5wt ) and put a heavyweight reel( which is ideal for salmon fishing) it can cause an angler to overshoot and ultimately miss the target.

On the other hand if one is using a rod heavier than the fly reel used it becomes an arm weight lifting session otherwise the tip heavy rod will be difficult to lift off the water.

Quick retrieval rate

A higher retrieval rate is always a bonus factor in fly fishing. It helps to reduce time in picking back lines and multiply your chance of landing a salmon or any bony fish regardless of the species.

Reels with a large arbor are the ones that pickup lines at a faster rate. Next time you buy a fly reel look for a large arbor instead of your favourite colour.

Now let’s discuss the price

As you are into salmon fly fishing you are probably aware of the fact that it requires an expensive setup of rod and reel which means a reel can cost a couple of hundred dollars if you want a cost-effective fly reel for the money. Therefore one

needs to ensure we have all the features we want at a good price tag. Otherwise the more the merrier.

How to buy the best salmon fly reels for your fishing trip?

It’s the start of the most epic salmon fishing season, and you want to make sure that your equipment is top-notch so that you can reel in those fish after they take your fly deep into the depths of the ocean. Which salmon fly reels are best? How do you choose between them? Let’s review the criteria that make for good fly reels and then discuss what features to look for when purchasing one so that you can be sure you’re buying the best salmon fly reels money can buy!

The best salmon fly reels will enhance your overall fishing experience, and make sure you catch the biggest salmon possible! If you’re heading out on a fishing trip this summer, you want to be sure that you have all the right equipment. A powerful, dependable salmon fly reel will make all the difference in your fishing trip, and ensure that you return home with a freezer full of fresh fish to share with your family and friends! Read on to learn about the five best salmon fly reels for your fishing trip.

Purchasing salmon fly reels

 If you’re interested in purchasing salmon fly reels, it’s important to determine what type of reels you need. The right reel depends on your fishing needs, budget, and style preferences. You can find salmon fly reels at any sporting goods store or online retailer that sells fishing equipment. The most common types of salmon fly reels are open-face, rim, and fixed spool. Here is an overview of how to choose a salmon fly reel based on its features and functions

Open-face: As their name suggests, open-face salmon fly reels have openings around their faces that allow you to see how much line is left inside them. Openings aren’t unique to salmon fly reels—you may see them on other types of reels as well but they are common enough among these reels to give them their name. One advantage of open-face salmon fly reels is they typically cast well because there isn’t much bulk between the spool and handle. However, they tend not to be suited for heavy flies because they don’t have as many features designed specifically for heavier line weights. Some anglers also find open-face salmon fly reels difficult to use when fighting fish because it can be hard to tell how much pressure you’re putting on a fish if your hand is blocking your view of the reel’s face.

Rim: Rim salmon fly reels are similar in appearance to open-face models but with one important difference: They have rims that keep your hand from blocking your view of how much line remains in a reel. Rims make rim salmon fly reels slightly more bulky than their counterparts, but some anglers prefer them for those reasons and others prefer rim models for aesthetic reasons. Fixed Spool: Fixed spool models feature a fixed spool with no opening around its face like other models do.

What do you need it for?

Because fly fishing requires more preparation than most other forms of fishing, you’ll need to make sure that your equipment is up to snuff. A good salmon fly reel is essential—after all, how can you possibly catch a fish with the bad line? Before you buy any gear, take some time to consider what exactly you want it for. If it’s just an accessory for a hobby, then feel free to spend less money on it; if it’s something that will be used regularly and/or professionally, then it might be worth investing in quality gear. The better your equipment is at home, the better chance you have of landing big fish on your next trip!

Buying the Right One For You

There are a lot of different salmon fly reels out there. How do you find which one is right for you? The first thing to consider is how many fish you’re hoping to catch, and where you’ll be going fishing. Are you going on an ocean fishing trip? Or just a local lake trip? The type of water, as well as your preferred tackle, will play a big role in determining what kind of reel to buy. For example, if you plan on heading out into deeper waters, it’s best to invest in a sturdy salmon fly reel that can handle all types of weather conditions.

On top of that, if you plan on doing some serious deep-sea fishing (or even ice-fishing), it might be worth investing in a heavier model that has more heft. It may seem like overkill at first glance but when you’re trying to reel in those hefty catches from far away, having something with more weight behind it can make all the difference. However, if you prefer smaller rivers or lakeside trips you might want to go with something lighter and easier to maneuver through rocks or other obstacles.

Where to Buy Fly Reels Online?

With so many fly reels to choose from, how can you be sure you’re purchasing one that’s right for your fishing trip? If you’re looking online, there are a few things to look out for. First and foremost, make sure you purchase your salmon fly reel directly from a reputable dealer, rather than a second-hand site like eBay or Craigslist. You want to see real photos of what you’re buying, too not images stolen from other dealers.


After all the critical evaluation if you are still confused about which one will guarantee you a good salmon fish in the bucket without shopping remorse afterward then here is our recommendation

  • Redington Grande 8/9/10
  • Spectrum LT Fly Fishing Reel

These two give the best performance and maximum features in their specific price category and are dollar to dollar worth it.


It’s a way to spend money and buy a high-end product that does the job but making a cost-effective decision yet getting the salmon fish out is an art you must have. If not then this buying guide will surely help you buy the best fly reel for salmon fishing.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Is Redington better than Grande or nautilus CCX F2 better for salmon fishing?

Depending on your price range, Redington provides all the necessary features a salmon fly reel should have, nautilus on the other hand is a high-end product with similar features with an expensive price tag.

Q. Should the rods and reel setup be brought from similar brands?

not necessarily, if the rod fits the reel or rather complements the reel in its performance and handling it’s perfectly okay to pair up different brands for your fly reel and rod. one thing to consider is that a heavy rod should not overburden the reel or otherwise, the reel should not bend or twist the lightweight rod.






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