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7 of The Best 9-Wt Saltwater Fly Reel Of 2022 – Buying Guide Included.

When fly fishing in the ocean every part of your gear needs to be a quality product because saltwater creates corrosion much more easily than fresh water does. Also, the species you target in the sea are generally stronger; the environment they have to survive in every day gives them extra strength. Among the popular reels, the 9 wt fly reels are the most talked-about. Look at the user’s choice of the best 9 wt saltwater fly reel.

S#Fly ReelsProduct Specs
1Sage Fly Fishing – SPECTRUM MAX Fly Reel  sealed carbon drag (SCS)
fully machined
aluminum anodized body and handle.
right-hand orientation, easy to shift
size: 5/6 -9/10 wt.
one revolution drag knob
large palming rim
lifetime guarantee
2ABEL SDS 9/10 FLY REEL  Colorado sealed drag system
20 lbs braking power
aircraft-grade aluminum frame
Carbon/steel alternating disk
5 disks alternating drag system
Increased arbor
Lifetime guarantee
Convertible retrieval system
  3Redington Behemoth Fly Fishing Reel  Moulded ergonomic grip handle
High backing limit 200 yards/ 30 lbs
Diecast construction
Carbon fiber drag system
Large drag knob
V spool
Lifetime warranty
  4Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel  CNC machined anodized aluminium
Smooth swift click-drag
Mid arbor designed
Easy gripping handle
Wt from 3/4 – 9/10
Hand orientation ambidextrous
  5BAIKALBASS Fly Reels  Stainless steel drag system
CNC machined aluminum anodized
Hard ionized for strength and durability
Factory reset: Left-hand retrieves
Increased backing line reduced memory
Available in diff colors
Sealed drag system is easy to clean.
  6  ANGRY FISH Fly Fishing ReelCNC machined aluminum alloy.
Hard anodized smooth flashing exterior
Concave arbor
Factory reset: Right-hand orientation
Clutch bearing drag system
  7Orvis Hydros SL Fly ReelAluminium body CNC machined
Sealed Carbon drag system SCS
Stainless steel disk
Backing line 250 yards for 9 wt
Weight available 4-12 
Large arbor
Narrow spool eliminates stacking

Best 9 Wt. Fly Reels For Saltwater Fishing– In 2022

Everybody wants a smooth sailing experience while fly fishing in the salt water. To keep the adventure fruitful with loads of fish in the bucket, one needs to do long research and run through the markets to find good gears, especially to find the best saltwater fly reel for the money.

Here, after extensive analysis of the market, anglers” experience, and online buyer’s reviews, we have shortlisted the best 9-wt saltwater fly reels.

Sage Fly Fishing – SPECTRUM MAX Fly Reel

The classical model of the SAGE Spectrum series, SPECTRUM MAX is one of its kind among the best fly reels for sea water fishing. The model is available in wide ranges of weights from 5/6 wt to 11/12 wt. reel, ideally available in 9/10 wt. According to manufacturers, it’s fully designed keeping saltwater fishing in mind with a machined aluminum, and a rugged frame designed to keep it lightweight.

The inside resides a sealed carbon system that protects it from the harsh, humid sea environment. The powerful drag system with one revolution-numbered setting gives a smooth and strengthened drag. The quick backing line and increased retrieval rate enhance the joy of catching a salmon or a huge trout. However, it’s pricey, with a starting price tag of $500.

Product Specs

  • Sealed carbon drag (SCS)
  • Fully machined 6061-T6 aluminium anodized frame
  • Ergonomic handle and knob
  • Right-hand orientation, easy to shift
  • Size: 5/6 -9/10 wt.
  • One revolution drag knob
  • Large palming rim
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Durable machining with high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum with a rugged frame.
  • Sealed carbon system. zero maintenance
  • Sealed and powerful drag and quick retrieval rate
  • Easy to switch right to left-hand orientation
  • Large arbor for comfort palming.
  • Expensive falls in the luxury category
  • Limited retailer available

Sage Spectrum Max is a luxury item worth $500. But the experience is worth the dollars.

Click here to order your SAGE Spectrum Max.

Abel SDS 9/10

The award-winning Abel launched a Saltwater SDS, which is carefully manufactured keeping the saltwater environment in mind with maximum durability and strength at capturing strong bonefish.

The aluminium anodized 6061-T561 makes it a powerhouse for retrieving salmon, tarpons, and Redfish. The sealed drag system with stainless steel and carbon alternating disc gives an overall 20 lbs braking power.

The SDS disc drag system dissipates effective pressure to stop a running fish. Abel SDS is the best seawater fly reel to catch a redfish out of the sea with its increased line pickup and retrieval rate. The award-winning reel comes with a Lifetime warranty.

Product Specs:

  •  Colorado sealed drag system
  • Supreme finishing, hand painted.
  • 20 lbs braking power
  • aircraft-grade aluminium frame
  • Carbon/steel alternating disk
  • Five disks alternating drag system 
  • Increased arbor.
  • Lifetime guarantee 
  • Convertible retrieval system
  • Durable machining with high-grade 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Extremely high quality, award-winning.
  • Sealed carbon multi-disk system. zero maintenance
  • 20lbs breaking power.
  • Available in sizes 7/8, 9/10, and 11/12.
  • Large arbor for comfort palming.
  • Convertible retrieval system.
  • Expensive falls in the luxury category
  • Only custom-made

Bottom lines: Abel SDS is a top-notch assembled reel in the best nine-weight saltwater fly reel, providing elite finish, quality drag, and guaranteed delivery of a massive bony fish.

Click on the link to order your custom-designed Abel SDS.

Redington Behemoth Fly Fishing Reel

If you want a Redington fly reel for your saltwater fishing experience but within your budget, you can consider behemoth. it is the most affordable 9wt saltwater fly reel. The unique diecast construction and carbon fibre drag make this a “premium quality” product. The product comes in various weights from 5/6 wt up to 11/12 wt. Readily available in 9/10 wt.

V spool design gives increased backing capacity to help easily capture a big salmon or redfish. The carbon fibre gives reliable performance in dragging and minimizing tension. The large arbor reduces the memory line most anglers desire in their fishing experience.

Plus! It comes with a nylon reel case.

Product Specs

  • Moulded ergonomic grip handle
  • High backing limit 200 yards/ 30 lbs
  • Diecast construction
  • Carbon fibre drag system
  • Large drag knob
  •  V spool
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable 9 wt fly reel
  • Large arbor V spool design.
  • Speedy line retrieval
  • Backing line up to 200 yards for 30 lbs
  • Easy to adjust orientation from right to left hand retrieve.
  • Diecast frame
  • Suitable for novice anglers
  • Inexperienced anglers can not handle it.
  • Easy to strip while casting.

Bottom line: it is an affordable 9 wt saltwater fly reel, so if you are a novice angler and want a Redington without spending a fortune, you can give this product a shot.

Order your Redington-Behemoth now

Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel

Piscifun Sword Fly reel is easy on the pocket among the 9-wt saltwater fly reels category. Light-weighted hollow design Reel is a CNC-manufactured machine claimed to be hard anodized in 6061-T6 aluminium.

The multi-disk Cork drag system makes it a powerful drag system with a quick retrieval rate, reduced memory line, and silent drag. Bearings are sealed to keep them from being corrosive and give extra support while retrieving a trout. The handle orientation can be adjusted from right to left-hand retrieve.

Product specs:

  • CNC machined anodized aluminium
  • Smooth swift click-drag
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Mid arbor designed
  • Easy gripping handle
  • Wt from 3/4 – 9/10
  • Hand orientation ambidextrous
  • Multi disk Cork and stainless steel drag
  • In several sizes and weight
  • Cost-effective for beginners
  • Hard anodized Corrosion-resistant
  • CNC hollow design makes it lighter on hand
  • Stronger than previous models.
  • Only 3-year warranty
  • Not suitable for large sea fishes
  • Difficult to switch from right to left hand retrieve conveniently
  • Complicated to clean the drag system

Bottom lines: Piscifun sword fly reel is an economical option, perhaps the best 9-wt saltwater fly reel for the money if you want to go on a family picnicking seawater fly fishing.

 Click to buy your gear now.

BAIKALBASS Fly Fishing Reel

BAIKALBASS Fly Fishing Reel is the ideal 9-wt fly reel for ordinary vacation use. The durable design comes with a CNC machined hard-anodized aluminium body that keeps it light on the rod but heavy on the fish. plus, the hard anodization makes it corrosion resistant.

The model is available in various sizes from 5/6 to 11/12. The drag system is a stainless steel bearing that is completely sealed to prevent seawater corrosion. The increased line retrieve, and reduced memory line gives an immediate drag. The manufactured product is left-hand retrieve but can be switched to right-hand by a click system. The drag system gives a silent retrieve, but a clear sound is heard when the fishing line is released.

Product Specs:

  • The stainless steel drag system
  • CNC machined aluminium anodized
  • Hard ionized for strength and durability
  • Factory reset: Left-hand retrieves
  • Increased backing line reduced memory
  • Available in diff colours
  • The sealed drag system is easy to clean.
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • enhanced backing capacity
  • Silent and Quick retrieval rate
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Easy to switch orientation
  • can not retrieve big seawater fish
  • Not for professional anglers

Bottom line: BAIKALBASS is the most durable and one of the best 9-wt saltwater fly reels for the money, and if you do fishing as a one a blue moon sport, then this reel is for you.

Press to shop your saltwater fly reel

ANGRY FISH Fly Fishing Reel

A best-rated saltwater fly reel that makes the fishing experience simpler and smooth. It comes in different sizes from 4 up to 12. The machinery is Japan-built CNC 6061-T six aluminium alloy.

It gives it the durability and tight tolerance of the weather through its hard anodization and gives it strength and rigidity. It is an amazing balance between backing line capacity and line pickup without compromising retrieval rate. The aluminium handles are designed for comfortable conversion of right to left retrieve.

The sealed drag system is easy to clean with fresh water and prevents sand, salt, or stones from getting inside. Split springs between bearings prevent them from popping up while stopping a sea trout or redfish.

Product spec:

  • CNC machined aluminium alloy.
  • Hard anodized smooth flashing exterior
  • Concave arbor
  • Factory reset:  Right-hand orientation
  •  Clutch bearing drag system
  • Impactful machine
  • Durable frame and highly resistant
  • No backline backlash, increased backing line, and reduced retrieval time
  • Easy on-hand ergonomic handle
  • Easy to switch orientation
  • For amateur anglers
  • Not suitable for heavy weight gear and big fishes

Bottom line: it is the best-selling 9-wt saltwater fly reel for beginners to learn and improve their retrieving and navigating skills in the sea

Go on the website to order your gear

Orvis Hydros SL Fly Reel

Orvis hydros SL is a redesigned reel that differs from the older version. The new reel is a lighter model with decreased weight from the outside while shifting on its drag system to give it support and durability. With tighter tolerance, the spool is much less loose and gives powerful drag while fishing a salmon or trout from the ocean.

Only available in black, nickel colour with deceased space for line staging, it comes in various weights from 4 to 12 wt. The carbon-sealed drag with stainless steel disk made it stand out from the others. Its phenomenal line retreat, narrow spool, and large arbor with little to no start-up inertia made this reel ideal for adventurous saltwater fishing in harsh weather.

Product Specs:

  • Aluminium body CNC machined
  • Sealed Carbon drag system SCS
  • Stainless steel disk
  • Backing line 250 yards for 9-wt
  • Weight available 4-12
  • Large arbor
  • A narrow spool eliminates stacking
  • Impactful machine
  • Durable frame and highly resistant
  • Large durable spooly
  • Greater drag strength
  • Greater backing line up to 250 yards / 9/10 weight
  • Quick and a smooth retrieve
  • Starting inertia in some high-weight models.
  • Not for amature.

Bottom line: Orvis hydros SL is an allrounder and has set the bar high for all the fly reels. If You want a hydros reel, go for Orvis hydros SL.

Check the link to buy the most suitable seawater fly reel.

Best 9 Wt. Saltwater Fly Reel– Exclusive Buying Guide 2022

Saltwater fly fishing is considered the proving field in the sport of fly fishing for any angler. It demands passion, thrill, Knowledge, and skills. Also, a more skilled set of gears is required for stronger sea opponents.

Arguably, the most important gear is a good fly reel that can retrieve a big sea water king salmon trout or even Redfish. It must have enhanced backing capacity, power pact machinery, quick yet smooth and strong drag, and increased revival rate and braking power to easily shoot a heavy bait in the air at a long distance.

To keep all these factors in check, you need a trustworthy fly reel that won’t disappoint in the sea when a tuna is hooked on the line. We have designed an exclusive buying guide after thorough research and experience with fine anglers to keep such disappointing thoughts away.

Before deciding on a fly reel model, you must ask yourself some important questions and purchase a fly reel for Saltwater fishing. How occasionally will you use your fly reel? what budget do you have? and what do you demand and expect the fly reel to hook on?

Select the reel based on how much weight you can handle, and never forget the drag system and reel material. Some heavy reels are built on lightweight steel and aluminium, making them easy to carry and function. While a powerful drag completely resolves the handling issue even if you are a naive angler or cannot handle heavy-weight reels.

The following features are the must-have pointers you must remember while shopping for your next fly reel in the 9-weight category.


It’s important to buy a handy and easy to use. At the same time, many people would say buy a lightweight reel, an excellent angler, or a well-researched article so will always encourage you to buy a 9/10wt fly reel for seawater fly fishing.

Why? Simple. Going seawater fishing every season, you must get a good and high-end fly reel. A lighter-in-weight gear can catch only up to bonefish or tiny salmon or trout. However, to hunt tuna and tarpon or sharks, one needs to invest in some heavier reels.

Nine-weight seawater fly reels are usually strong enough to catch fish of any size, from bonefish to a powerful tuna which will give maximum resistance. Still, with a powerful 9-weight reel, you will successfully bring it on the boat. Furthermore, 9/10 wt reels always come with a high-drag system.

Drag system

A powerful drag system can only make the experience smooth and easy. For a heavy-weight reel, it is ideally made of a sealed carbon drag system with stainless steel disks.

A disk drag system not only gives a smooth retrieval but also makes Casting a reel easier so that there is no need for extra Casting to maintain line tension, and backlash is also minimized.

Rod and reel combo 

To make the fly fishing experience worthwhile, we must have the most balanced reel rod set. For this, you need to do extra research. If you have already bought the rod, then try searching for reels that are not lighter in weight.

Mostly a heavy rod and light reel end up bad at the climax, it gets difficult to lift the line from the water, or we might end up breaking the reel too. On the contrary, a lighter in weight rod can overshoot and ultimately miss the shot. For a 9-weight reel, it’s preferable to use a 9/10 wt rod.


Ideally, for 9-wt fly reels, machined aluminium is the best material out there in the market. It reduces the apparent weight of the heavy reel. Hard anodized stainless steel disks are prevented from corrosion in the harsh salty water at sea.

Plastics and composite materials are cheaper options that can not withstand the pressure and break apart on retrieving a fish.

Backing limit and casting distance

With saltwater fishing, it’s necessary to have a large backing capacity. 9-wt saltwater fly reels usually come with greater backing of 250 yards and beyond to smoothly cast a line.

Arbor size and Retrieval rate

Look for reels with a large arbor; it brings back the line quickly, increasing the retrieval rate without line staging.


It’s important to buy gadgets within your budget. U can buy a 9/10 wt saltwater reel at any price from $150 to $3000 and beyond. If you bring out your fly rod and reel once in a while, or if saltwater fishing is just a one-day adventure for you, then it’s not practically advisable to invest in high-end brands.

You can look for low-budget reels if you are a naive Fisher and browse Mid-range reels if you have sufficient knowledge and passion for fly fishing on every vacation.

High-end products are only advised to sporting anglers who like to add unique and exclusive reels to their collections.


Through extensive research and experience with anglers, we made your decision easier, but if u are still indecisive about which reel is worth your money, here are our recommendations.

These models are the most trusted brands to invest in for your fly reel. Both models are best-reviewed products on amazon. You won’t be disappointed.


A 9/10 wt fly reel is a universally accepted weight for professional anglers. If you are confused about which weight reel you should use for Saltwater fishing. Go get a 9-weight fly reel. U can select your favourite one among the best 9-wt saltwater fly reels given above.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a special reel required for Saltwater fly fishing?

Ans: Saltwater fly fishing is not an easy hobby. It requires skills, knowledge, and passion. Having a specific reel that won’t break in the seawater is important.

Can we use a freshwater reel or rod in saltwater?

Ans: Well, you can use a freshwater reel if you want it to break into nuts and bearings or if you don’t mind a corroded drag disk.

Salt water acts harshly on reels and rods. It can corrode the stainless disk and bearings, and the gritty water can sediment sand and Rocks in the reel. So you better not use a freshwater reel in saltwater. Instead, invest in one of the best 9-wt saltwater reels for the money, designed to bear the saltwater environment.

Are spinning reels recommended for Saltwater fishing?

Ans: spinning reels are the best choice reels for saltwater fly fishing. That’s majorly due to its thin baiting lines, enhanced backing capacity, and improved stopping force against hard-to-fight sea water fishes.






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