Salmon Fishing Season is Here! Tips on What You Need to Know

Salmon Fishing Season is Here! Tips on What You Need to Know

Salmon fishing season is here! If you live in the Pacific Northwest as I do, you know what this means — more salmon than you can possibly eat during their short and sweet season! Salmon fishing runs from late April through October, with the bulk of the fish coming in during July and August when they are fattest and most flavorful.

When is salmon fishing season?

When is salmon fishing season_

Salmon fishing season in North America generally takes place between May and September, with salmon returning to their natal streams during these months. However, there are exceptions—some species return at different times of the year, and some populations may spawn more than once a year.

In British Columbia and Alaska, for example, Chinook salmon tend to make an early run in April or May before laying eggs in late summer or fall; while Coho salmon tend to have a later run during August through October.

How do I catch salmon?

How do I catch salmon

You can fish for salmon year-round in certain areas, but it’s best to focus your efforts during prime times. Salmon fishing season takes place from March through May, depending on location. During spawning season, males are vulnerable and may swim into a net more easily.

If you want to avoid catching a female — who may be protecting an egg — be sure to use smaller nets (less than 10 feet wide) that might scare away a male before he enters them. But remember: Legal size restrictions will still apply no matter how small your net is! And make sure that you don’t have any holes in your nets—even tiny ones—as they could lead to some hefty fines.

What gear do I need?

What gear do I need

Most importantly, you’ll want a fishing rod and reel. If there are specific salmon species that swim near your region of choice, invest in a rod and reel specifically for those fish—just make sure it can handle at least 15 pounds of force (the average weight of an adult salmon). Some places sell combined rods and reels if you don’t want to buy them separately.

Also, get plenty of fishing line; a 20-pound test line works fine for most salmon, though some locations recommend using 30-pound or even 50-pound test lines. You’ll also need something to tie your line around when you catch a fish. Consider buying a salmon egg basket—it will keep loose eggs from falling into lakes and rivers while you fight the fish. These baskets usually include clips that allow easy removal so they won’t tangle with other gear.

Where can I go fishing?

Where can I go fishing

You can find Salmon fishing throughout Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington. But if you want your fish cooked for dinner or are looking for a souvenir for your wall, it’s best to stick with Alaska or Oregon.

The summer salmon run in Southern California has dropped significantly from years past, but there are still places where they’re available if you look hard enough. In fact, some of them have begun raising their own fry stock and hatchery, while others use catch-and-release methods of capturing wild fish; check with local sporting goods shops to see which destinations are right for you.

Is it really that easy?

Is it really that easy

Nope. As in every other aspect of salmon fishing, there are plenty of rules and regulations. Here’s a basic rundown of what you need to know before heading out for your first trip: Salmon fishing seasons differ from state to state and province to province.

So it’s important that you check with local officials for exact dates (usually posted on websites or through your State Department of Fish and Wildlife). If fishing in Washington State, for example, make sure you familiarize yourself with its season calendar.

Let’s go fishing!

lets go for fishing

The Salmon fishing season is one of those events that people look forward to every year. If you have never gone salmon fishing before, it’s a good idea to do your research and understand some basics about how it works before heading out.

In addition, there are many safety measures and considerations that all anglers should be aware of. Here are six things you should consider if going out for salmon fishing season:

How to fish for salmon in rivers or streams; what type of gear to use, etc.


Salmon fishing season is finally upon us! Have you decided which river or lake in Washington, you’re going to be heading up to? There are a lot of factors involved in choosing where to go and how long your fishing trip will last. Having said that, there are some simple things you can do as preparation before heading up north. Have fun out there—and happy salmon fishing!






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